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My Room’s New Look

March 18, 2013

Recently I’ve gone through some changes of which one is my room’s design. I’ve been thinking of renewing it for a long time, and just as I’ve had excess of finances I did that right away.

Having read a wonderful Feng Shui book and some other articles about the energy of places, I’ve had good perspectives on rooms structures. I live in a kind of a small apartment/suite (in my dad’s house) that has two rooms, a bathroom, and a 2×2 meter squared area linking the two rooms. My bedroom is not 100% finalized. I like it for the time being, I guess it just needs a painting or a landscape picture and it’s done.

All the furniture and stuff purchased approximately amount to 650KD ($2,285) from two stores, IKEA and Banta. I got a sofa set, a massage chair, and a swing (looks almost like this) from Banta. Their delivery service is free of charge including the assembly, which is great! Whereas IKEA charges 10KD for delivery and 25KD for delivery and assembly. I got from IKEA two curtains, drawers, a wardrobe, tables, table lamps, a book shelf (2×0.8m), three rugs, candles, vases, frames (stuck on the wall) and other stuff.

Here in this post I just want to show you this picture of my living room, showing only one angle of it. Behind me is the book shelf, and on my left there is the entrance, a music keyboard, and a little fish tank that I use for making flowing water sound.


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  1. April 17, 2013 7:10 pm

    very cozy, i like!

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