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Qurtuba volunteering project

April 13, 2013

I don’t have many viewers for my blog, I don’t write much actually. To me it’s just a place where I write about experiences documented with pictures/videos, ONLY when I feel like it. In spite of that, I felt the responsibility to write about this wonderful initiative by Kuwaiti youth.

They called themselves QurtubaME, and they describe themselves as a volunteer project by Qortuba residents aimed at improving quality of life. I find this an inspiring mission, well-grounded with good values. As far as I know, the project has expanded and inspired other groups from other cities to adopt this idea. Now Alsurra,  Aljabriya, as well as other cities have already started.

This week’s project was improving the public park of Qortuba, the city in where I live. Here’s a description of the project. I really just wanted to participate in any way, although I’m totally NOT the kind of person who enjoys hands-on kind of activities. I just went there for 30 minutes, did some painting, cleaning, and spreading the fresh soil. I also donated  10KD which is the highest amount acceptable.

From what I noticed, these people don’t want to just show off. They really do their work well. They even don’t mention their names. Yousef and Barrak, thank you guys, and God bless whoever is working with you, all the boys, girls and children.

Here’s their Twitter/Instagram: @qortubaME, and here are some pictures that I took (I’m not that short as I am appearing in the picture; Barrak is the one who’s tall :p)

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  1. April 17, 2013 7:09 pm

    ya36ekom il3afia, i wish they would do the same for kaifan

    • April 17, 2013 8:59 pm

      Allah y3afeech. The project is starting to spread! Now It’s in Surra, and Bayan I guess. I don’t know but maybe you can start this initiative. Just contact them. Thanks Noura 🙂

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