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Episode: Yalova thermal springs

August 9, 2012

Yalova is a small touristic city. It’s famous of its thermal springs especially in winter time so people enjoy the hot natural baths while it’s 0 degrees outside.

This is my last episode of ‘Turkey 2012’ trip, which I am proud to have had.



Episode: Uludag Mountain

August 8, 2012

Bursa in February is heaven for skiing amateurs. On Uludağ mountain, that is. We had a lovely day there. I personally haven’t tried skiing, but we enjoyed the atmosphere at the top of the mountain, as well as the cafés and restaurants there.

This is a random collection of footages of our snowy trip. Peace and joy.

Episode: Feeding baby turtles

August 4, 2012

Here’s me feeding my baby RES turtles. As I mentioned earlier, one of them, which is named Sami, is more active than Taiba, the conservative other turtle. Sami always comes to the top of the rock to have his meal, while Tayba prefers to have her food sunk in the water so that she has some privacy.

Note: Hatchlings’ gender at this young age cannot be determined. I am just assuming Sami is a male and Tayba is a female.

Episode: Turtles discovering the tank

August 1, 2012

This is day two for my little RES hatchlings. One of them has discovered all the place (including the bridge and the basking room that I show in the end of the video). The other one is still very conservative and afraid.

My Red-eared Sliders (Arabic post)

July 31, 2012

باختصار، منذ فترة قررت أن أرتب غرفتي، وفي أحد الأيام عزمت على ترتيبها فعلاً بالكامل ترتيباً جذرياً. المفاجأة أنني تخلصت تقريباً من نصف ممتلكاتي (ملابس، أوراق قديمة، صناديق، أدوات غير مستخدمة، كتب لم ولن أقرأها..الخ). وعندما فعلت شعرت براحة. من ضمن الترتيبات، قرأت بعض تطبيقات الفونج شوي—وهو فن صيني قديم يدرس طاقة المكان—وطبقت بعض التطبيقات التي شعرت بأهميتها.

أحد التطبيقات الجميلة أن يكون ظهر كرسي المكتب مستنداً على الحائط وليس النافذة أو الباب، لأن الأبواب والنوافذ ترمز إلى الفرص، والفرصة من الأفضل أن تجعلها أمامك ونصب عينيك. وأحد التطبيقات الأخرى الجميلة هي إضافة عنصر الماء، والأفضل أن يكون متحركاً (شلال صغير، حوض سمك..). ومن هنا بدأت قصتي مع..السلاحف.

قررت أن أشتري سلاحف مائية صغيرة، وأن أهتم بها وأرعاها. ذهبت إلى محل حيوانات واشتريت منه سلحفتين وحوض بلاستيكي وما يلزمهما من أكل، وذلك كل شيء.

كنت فرحاً بهما. أسميتهما سامي وطيبة.

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Episode: Fairy Chimneys

June 12, 2012

Here you can watch a couple of places we visited in Cappadocia, along with the famous ‘Fairy Chimneys’ that cover the town everywhere. Literally everywhere! We visited a museum, a mosque, a church, as well as the open fields, all surrounded by ancient architecture that goes back in time for about 5 thousands of years!

Cheers, from the fairy chimneys (yay!).

Episode: Meditation Scenery

May 10, 2012

Hi. This video is created for meditation. To make the most out of it, be in a quiet place, focus on your breathing for a few moments, acquire stillness, then just enjoy the scenery. This is the extra footage from the balloon trip in Cappadocia (previous video here).

As for meditation, two minutes is considered not much, but that’s all I got in my storage. Enjoy.

Peace to you!