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Qurtuba volunteering project

April 13, 2013

I don’t have many viewers for my blog, I don’t write much actually. To me it’s just a place where I write about experiences documented with pictures/videos, ONLY when I feel like it. In spite of that, I felt the responsibility to write about this wonderful initiative by Kuwaiti youth.

They called themselves QurtubaME, and they describe themselves as a volunteer project by Qortuba residents aimed at improving quality of life. I find this an inspiring mission, well-grounded with good values. As far as I know, the project has expanded and inspired other groups from other cities to adopt this idea. Now Alsurra,  Aljabriya, as well as other cities have already started.

This week’s project was improving the public park of Qortuba, the city in where I live. Here’s a description of the project. I really just wanted to participate in any way, although I’m totally NOT the kind of person who enjoys hands-on kind of activities. I just went there for 30 minutes, did some painting, cleaning, and spreading the fresh soil. I also donated  10KD which is the highest amount acceptable.

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My Room’s New Look

March 18, 2013

Recently I’ve gone through some changes of which one is my room’s design. I’ve been thinking of renewing it for a long time, and just as I’ve had excess of finances I did that right away.

Having read a wonderful Feng Shui book and some other articles about the energy of places, I’ve had good perspectives on rooms structures. I live in a kind of a small apartment/suite (in my dad’s house) that has two rooms, a bathroom, and a 2×2 meter squared area linking the two rooms. My bedroom is not 100% finalized. I like it for the time being, I guess it just needs a painting or a landscape picture and it’s done.

All the furniture and stuff purchased approximately amount to 650KD ($2,285) from two stores, IKEA and Banta. I got a sofa set, a massage chair, and a swing (looks almost like this) from Banta. Their delivery service is free of charge including the assembly, which is great! Whereas IKEA charges 10KD for delivery and 25KD for delivery and assembly. I got from IKEA two curtains, drawers, a wardrobe, tables, table lamps, a book shelf (2×0.8m), three rugs, candles, vases, frames (stuck on the wall) and other stuff.

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Turtles Morning Routine

January 3, 2013

I recorded this four months ago. Tayba, my female turtle, has gone to heaven now; turtle heaven, that is. Whereas Sami has been handed to the turtle shop where they can take care of him better than I’d done. I sent him back because when I get into something I feel the responsibility to take care of it very well, otherwise just drop it peacefully.

The City Magazine

November 24, 2012

Recently I’ve been offered to be a contributor for a newly released Kuwaiti magazine called The City.

The magazine is issued on a monthly basis and is distributed in different cafés, universities, and other places. The core concept of it is focusing on local talents, businesses, and creative activities. It covers a broad set of fields such as food, fashion, and entrepreneurship. Recently they contacted me to add a section which they might call ‘TheCity Spirit’ for people interested in spirituality and self-enrichment—like me, I guess.

My first article will be posted on December’s issue. It’s a new experience for me. I am glad to participate!

England Meditation Trip

October 26, 2012

In May 2012 I was fortunate to attend a spiritual retreat in the Global Retreat Center, located in Oxford, UK. It’s one of Brahma Kumaris‘ major centers. It was a 4-day program, fully scheduled from early morning till time to sleep.

The center is beyond amazing. Entering the place, I felt like heaven, literally. By the place I don’t mean just the building, I mean the whole campus. The place is an old English palace, surrounded by huge space of green, to the extent that you feel the silence and aliveness of nature. From the room I stayed at, keeping windows open; I just hear the breeze blowing and birds singing, providing a perfect atmosphere for spiritual inner work. Here’s the history of the place.

Every period of the year, the center organizes a program for a specific audience, just for the ease of preparation (translations, instructors, etc). Our program was for Middle Easterners; Iranians, included.

Vegetarian food was provided every day. It was delicious by the way. The program was very lovely; it contained multiple meditation sessions, lectures, music shows, as well as private free time.

I’m not going to talk about the content of the program, as this blog is for fun activities and places. I will just show some pictures of my experience there.

Because my purpose of that trip was of spiritual nature, I didn’t take much pictures while in the retreat. Good enough for a post though.

Just when I arrived to Heathrow Airport, I got my bus ticket to Oxford city.

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Be Grateful For Life (desktop background)

October 19, 2012

A couple of years ago, I used to spend a lot of time on graphic designing, then came a time where I thought of making it a business, and from that period I stopped it all. To me, this is a hobby that should be practiced for the joy of expression and creativity. When it’s practiced as a business it gets tiring and mechanical.

Anyways, last week I came back to my hobby, after I stopped for years. I made this background design, and thought of sharing it here so you can use it and feel it too. (Click on the image for full resolution.) I like the background to be like this, without borders, just white space. I named the design: Be Grateful For Life.

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Childhood pictures

October 11, 2012

Hello. Here I will show some of my childhood pictures. I hope you enjoy it 😛